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About Writings From Life

book_writings-from-life-4rdWritings from Life, Fourth Edition is a process-oriented writing textbook that helps students grow and improve as writers. Students learn by writing, and the text provides a variety of writing assignments that require students to apply different writing and thinking skills.

In each unit, the basic process of prewriting, drafting, revision, and editing is repeated, with new instructional elements introduced that apply to the type of writing the students are doing. The text also recognizes the individual differences among writers and allows for flexibility within the writing process.

Writings from Life, Fourth Edition leaves no stone unturned in providing comprehensive writing instruction, including prewriting strategies, drafting, revising and editing guidelines, content development, organization and paragraphing, sentence wording revision, instruction in narrative, biographical, thesis-centered, problem/solution, and research writing, instruction in grammar usage, punctuation, and spelling, peer editing, and a variety of excellent writing-related activities and writing samples. Students who use this text for a writing course will undoubtedly emerge as more confident, accomplished, and seasoned writers.

The fourth edition of Writings from Life contains several new essays by professional writers, all new writing samples throughout each unit, new prewriting strategies, and new writing-related activities. The price of the text remains unchanged.


About College Writing Skills

college_writing_skillsCollege Writing Skills
is a process-oriented textbook written to help students develop their college-level writing skills. The intent of College Writing Skills is to help prepare students for success in required college writing courses, in courses across the curriculum that require writing, and in occupations beyond college.

In College Writing Skills, students write twelve essays including narrative, expository, persuasive, comparative, problem/solution, and critique, some including a research component. In addition, students write several timed essays to help prepare them for in-class writing in other English courses and across the curriculum, and for any writing situations that they encounter involving time constraints.

College Writing Skills has many features to help students develop their writing, thinking, and reading skills: readings by published writers, first-draft and revised writing samples, grammar usage instruction integrated into the writing process, critical thinking problems to develop students’ analytical, logical, and creative skills, peer review of classmate’s drafts, a rich variety of writing-related activities, and a strong emphasis on the importance of revision for all writers to produce their best writing.



About Spectrum


Spectrum II covers a wide range of topics divided into thirteen sections: technology, education, the economy, relationships, health and well-being, art and and entertainment, science, international perspectives, politics and governance, cultural/ethnic perspectives, children’s issues, values and ethics, and “hot-button” issues. The authors of the readings reflect the diversity of outstanding writers that exists today: women and men of different ethnicities, professional writers, student writers, essayists, journalists, book authors, and bloggers.

The readings in Spectrum II were also selected with a college reading audience in mind. Essays are included throughout the anthology that speak to the concerns and interests of many college students: the future job market, why students drop out of college, relationships and sexual mores, technological issues, educational trends, music, differing ethnic perspectives, physical and mental well-being, and issues involving children. At the same time, other essays were selected to broaden the knowledge and interests of readers beyond their current parameters and to have them think deeply about complex and significant issues.